"Pos Abilities II" Art Exhibition
-Paintings by Children and Young Adults enrolled in the Creative Arts
program of The Hattie Larlham Center for Children with Disabilities

Saturday, January 10, 7:30pm. Opening Reception
-Show runs through January 31.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is pleased to be collaborating for the 2nd
year in a row, with The Hattie Larlham Center for Children with
Disabilities on this exhibition. The work exhibited covers a wide range
of colors, textures, moods, and personalities. We invite the community
to come view this unique exhibition that explores the creative
possibilities of children with disabilities in our area.


Hattie Larlham Creative Arts – Standing Rock Cultural Arts Exhibit
Phylliss L. Steiner, Director

The exploration of ART began at Hattie Larlham in 2004 in the new
Education Center at the Hattie Larlham Center for Children with
Disabilities. Here, exploring different types of painting, watercolor
and textures was a weekly occurrence for children in the school program
and young adults in ACHIEVE. In June 2007, Hattie Larlham expanded its’
ART services to the new Creative Art Program.

Professional Artists have joined the Hattie Larlham team to work
one-on-one with individuals to create paintings on canvas. Each part of
the painting is made by the choice of the individual, by a series of
questions that have a yes/no answer. Assistive technology, such as laser
beams, are used when necessary, so the artists and “show” where they
want the paint to be placed on the canvas. Hattie has enlisted the
assistance and expertise of the Matheny School and Education Center and
the A.R.T. Realization project, both out of New Jersey, to begin this
creative process for people with severe disabilities.

Presently, the canvas painting is the beginning of the Creative Arts
program and as you will see at the Exhibit at Standing Rock's North
Water Street Gallery, the self-expression is really coming through for
all of our artists! Our professional ART staff are experimenting with
new tools and techniques each day to expose more and more of our
individuals to this unique outlet for creativity. In 2008, Hattie
Larlham will explore other artistic disciplines: music, digital art,
digital photography and video, pottery and weaving.

The paintings that you see are for sale at The North Water St. Gallery,
and later, at the Hattie Café’ Fountain and Gifts, located in Hudson. We
are proud to announce that 100% of the proceeds of the sale of each
painting goes directly to the individual artist. Hattie Larlham does not
require any compensation for their role in this process. Our mission is
strictly to allow all people with disabilities to express themselves in
any way they can. Expose and Explore is our mantra. We welcome you to
come by and visit us in our studio and watch the creativity yourself!

Kindest regards,
Phylliss L. Steiner, Director
Creative Arts/Media Productions
Hattie Larlham Community Living

WEBSITE: http://www.hattielarlham.org

Barbara Krans Jenkins Art Exhibition
-featuring a retrospective of Wildlife, Gourds and Botanical Art.

Opening Reception: Saturday. December 6th, 5pm - 8pm
-Exhibit runs through December 27th, 2008
-In conjunction with the Kent Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Festival
of Lights
CLICK HERE for an ArtWalk Map

Artist Description

You will feel her passion for the woodlands we all live in here next to
our wonderful Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In addition to viewing
Barbara's Wildlife paintings, this show will also feature her newest
direction into the realm of 3-D art ... Gourds. These gourds continue
with the same subjects she loves doing in her 2-D paintings. However,
they contain line drawing done with a Wood Burning tool, and sculpting
done with Dremel Tools. Finally, she finishes them off with colored
pencil and coats of UV protecting clear acrylic spray to seal her art
permanently on the surface of these gourds.


December 6, 2008, 5-8pm
Downtown Kent, Ohio

The 12th annual Festival of Lights event begins at 5:30 p.m. with
musical entertainment by the Kent Roosevelt Ace’s Choir. Santa will
arrive at 6:00 p.m. to light up the town and visit with all the girls
and boys. Sponsored by The Kent Area Chamber of Commerce.

We encourage families to bring cameras for a photo with Santa. For those
unable to visit with Santa, a letter writing station will be available.
Free hot chocolate and doughnuts will be provided. Many local merchants
are extending their business hours.
-Santa Arrives 6:00 p.m.
-Hot Chocolate & Donuts
-Letters to Santa Workshop



ARTWALK. 5-8pm. Downtown Kent.
CLICK HERE for an ArtWalk Map

257 N. Water St.
North Water Street Gallery

Barbara Krans Jenkins Art Exhibition
-Featuring a retrospective of Wildlife, Gourds and Botanical Art.
-Opening Reception 5-8pm.

North Water Street Gallery
257 N. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240
(Home of Standing Rock Cultural Arts)


300 N. Water St.
FJKluth Gallery

Hand-carved wooden toys and antique holiday ornaments.
I will be demonstrating the hand carving of the toys cut from local
woods. I prune my plum trees and let the wood dry for several years.
Then I cut the pieces into boards and other shapes for toys. Hand saws
are used with chisels and planes. I can finish the toys but unfinished
they are safer. Some of the designs that I use are quite ancient. The
idea of mounting an animal on wheels goes back 4000 years. The dreidel
and Haman knocker go back 2500 years or more. The wooden whirlagig is
not more than 300 years old.

The holiday ornaments are from a collection of my family over the years.
I can make ornaments of wood as well. I have pendants from a local osage
orange tree that can be used as ornaments. Bracelets and rings from
local plum and mulberry are also available.

FJKluth Art Gallery
300 N. Water St. Ste. I
Kent OH 44240-2423
PHone: 330-676-1999


237 N. Water St.
Scribbles Café

"Tabletop Retrospective," a one-year anniversary for
Scribbles that celebrates our customers by displaying tabletop pieces from
the past year

M-Th: 7 am - 7 pm
F: 7 am - 12 am
S: 10 am - 12 am
Sun: (closed)

Scribbles Café
237 N. Water St.
Kent OH


151 E. Main St.
Kent Natural Foods Cooperative

Holiday Taste Fair and Open House
-5% Discount on all store items
-Natural Food and Beverage Samples
-Special Sales on Select Items
-Open House begins at 10am. Taste Fair begins at 5pm.

Kent Natural Foods Cooperative
151 E. Main St.
Kent, OH 44240


115 S. Water St.
City Bank Antiques

Vintage and Antique arts and prints. Free edibles.

City Bank Antiques
115 S. Water St.
Kent, OH 44240


Latest News!

11 South River St.
Kent Haymaker Indoor Farmer’s Market
Market Hours from 9-2 pm.

Indoor markets will be held on Dec. 6 and 13th in the building adjacent
to the law offices of Williams, Welser and Kratcoski at 11 South River
St. across from the Kent Free Library. This space has been generously
provided by the the law firm. There will be about 20 local vendors
bringing a wide array of products from winter hardy produce, baked
goods, jams and jellies as well as soaps and to locally crafted gift items.

Contact: Fritz Seefeldt at 330-673-5748

Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a nonprofit organization including the North Water Street Gallery located in Kent, Ohio. The North Water Street Gallery is committed to bringing full-blown art to the public. Artists are typically local, however, there are several artists featured from out of the state, out of the country, and out of their minds! All artists are encouraged to show their work regardless of race, creed, age, gender, or expertise. Send work, pictures of work, slides, or just bring what you have to:

257 North Water Street Kent, Ohio 44240
or contact us at: info@standingrock.net
Jeff Ingram ~ Curator of Exhibitions 330.673.4970
Gary Lockwood ~ Artistic Director 330.903.2055