Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY” Film Screening
-World Premiere documentary about overcoming obstacles starring Jane Hash

Saturday, November 17th, 8 and 10pm.
-Two Screenings

The North Water Street Gallery
-257 N. Water St.. Kent, OH

ADMISSION: $7 in advance. $10 at the door
-Tickets available at



UPDATES: Call 330-673-4970


Produced and Directed by: Tom Trainer

Starring: Jane Hash

Runtime: 71 min

Rated: NR (adult subject matter)


Premiering for the first time anywhere, “Plain Jane The SHOCKUMENTARY” will be shown at 8pm and 10pm on November 17, 2012 at Standing Rock Cultural Arts’ North Water Street Gallery in Kent, Ohio.

The film is a “shockumentary” in that common notions about disabled people are turned upside down and backwards. Part interview, part music video, part animation, and part reenactment, this film explores new territory in the realm of human experience; a triumph of the will as Jane overcomes obstacles and destroys popular myths.

Jane was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition which is manifested by extremely brittle bones. At birth, Jane had twenty-six broken bones and was not expected to live 3 hours. By the time she was in high school, she had broken 200.

With a large dose of dark humor, this independent film by Tom Trainer documents the eccentric life of a woman with a disability, Jane Hash. Due to adult themes, children will not be permitted. For more information go to


Standing Rock Cultural Arts, FJ Kluth Gallery and Footnote Four Productions present

Fred Won’t Move Out” Original Film Screening
-Film starring Elliott Gould
-Directed by Richard Ledes
-Produced by Ged Dickersin

Friday, October 12, 7pm
FJ Kluth Gallery, 300 N. Water St, Downtown Kent, OH

RUNNING TIME: 74 Minutes

ADMISSION: $3 Suggested Donation

CONTACT: 330-673-4970


FRED WON'T MOVE OUT, written and directed by Richard Ledes, starring Elliott Gould and Fred Melamed.

Elliott Gould stars as Fred, an elderly man living in his house
of over fifty years, with his Alzheimer's suffering wife, Susan
(Judith Roberts). Fred's grown-up children (Fred Melamed and
Stephanie Roth Haberle) try to convince him to move to a care home
with Susan, but he is not ready to leave yet.

According to columnist Andrew McArthur, "Fred reflects issues that are likely
to strike a chord with many of us, excelling in its delicate
portrayal of the aging process. These well crafted characters
ensure the viewer feels the dilemma of Fred's children, as well as
empathizing with Fred's desire to grasp his independence at home.
These issues are perfectly represented from a wonderful cast."


Discussion: Cinemabricolage

In reflecting on the process of making FRED WON’T MOVE OUT, Ledes coined the word cinemabricolage to describe what he sees as an important salient feature of current filmmaking for himself and other filmmakers. After completing the film, he took the time to define it. Cinemabricolage: “You use a pack of matches or a napkin to steady a table that is wobbling—that’s a simple example of bricolage. It’s French word the anthropologist Clause Levi-Strauss used to describe a kind of thinking that uses whatever is at hand in unintended ways. Cinemabricolage-- to take one contemporary manifestation—is the use of a dslr--a camera primarily intended to take still images--to make a feature-length moving picture. More broadly, it could be said to be the use of ‘video’ to make a ‘film.’ It is using a location to which you have access and then finding the story from that access rather than the other way around.

It is the art of making films by making do with what is at hand. Filmed improvisation is perhaps essential to cinemabricolage— precursors could be considered Cassavetes, Leigh, Antonioni, to name a few. Improvisation here primarily is not in most cases starting without a screenplay, it is starting with something—which could be a screenplay—and then using it in other ways than it was originally intended.

I like to remember what Walter Benjamin wrote about the angel of history: Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one single catastrophe that keeps piling ruin upon ruin and hurls it in front of his feet. The angel would like to stay, awaken the dead, and make whole what has been smashed. But a storm is blowing from Paradise; it has got caught in his wings with such violence that the angel can no longer close them. The storm irresistibly propels him into the future to which his back is turned, while the pile of debris before him grows skyward. This storm is what we call progress. It is in this pile of debris that Cinemabricolage finds its resources. I think this is true of my film FRED WON’T MOVE OUT.”


Elliott Gould began his acting career on Broadway in the 1960s, and then went on to become the embodiment of a disenchanted youth culture in such films Robert Altman’s Korean War satire M*A*S*H in which he played the maverick surgeon "Trapper John" and Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice, for which he received an Oscar nomination. Time Magazine placed him on one of its covers in 1970, at a peak of his long and prolific career, calling him a "star for an uptight age."

Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents:

9th Annual International Short Film Festival
- Independent Short Films from around the world!
- Animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more!
- Silent films with live music accompaniment!
- Featured Filmmaker Miles Kalbach live in person



Standing Rock Cultural Arts is pleased to announce The 9th Annual Standing Rock International Short Film Festival. This popular annual event has an exciting line-up of shorts with films from as far away as Australia, Hungary, England, and from as close as Kent, Ohio. It will include Animation, music videos, short comedy, experimental films, documentaries and more.
The first part of this event will feature short films from around the world. The second part will be made up of films by last year’s People’s Choice winner, Miles Kalbach as well as Juried Choice Winner, Kate Vandevender. The last portion of the night will feature silent films by Mike Hovancsek which will be accompanied live by the off the wall and talented Trepanning Trio music ensemble.

Film Fest Wrap Up

Congratulations to Jaime Stone from Australia for winning the People's Choice and The Audience Choice Award for his insightful and amusing "Space Travel According To John" short film ! A great piece of sand animation and dialog that could only come from the mind of a kid.

It was great to have Miles Kalbach make an appearance to explain his dark comedy, "Sonny Mails A Letter", which won the Juried Choice for last year's festival. It was an exceptionally difficult competition this year due to the number of outstanding films. The audience had a sound and visual feast from which to choose; from the blighted streets of Los Angeles to the futuristic robots of post-apocalyptic, London. The festival spanned the globe and beyond.

A special thank you to The Trepanning Trio for performing Live Music. Thanks also to Mike Hovancsek for directing the festival and volunteering so much time and talent. And finally, thanks to our audience for such a great turnout and enthusiastic response. We hope everyone brings a friend next year and we have to hold the festival on two nights instead of one.

The Results are as follows:



1. "Space Travel According To John". Jamie Stone ( Australia )
2. "Astronaut on The Roof". Sergi Portabella ( Germany )
3. "As Above, So Below". Ryan Uzinevsky (NYC)

1. "Space Travel According To John". Jamie Stone ( Australia )
2. "Robots of Brixton". Kibwe Tavares ( England)
3. "Astronaut on The Roof". Sergi Portabella ( Germany )
3. "As Above, So Below". Ryan Uzinevsky (NYC)
3. "Crosses". DuckEye ( United Kingdom)

1. “Animation Hotline”. Dustin Grella (NYC)

Thank you to all the participants, film makers and our audience, for making this year’s festival a great success!


International Films:

1) Space Travel According to John – Jamie Stone ( Australia ): This
beautiful and playful film gives us an animation piece made out of sand to
explain space travel as seen by a child. (3:06)

2) Let the Arts Roam – I Am Los Angeles ( United States ): This is a
straightforward documentary about two graffiti artists who collaborate on
huge murals around Los Angeles . (4:46)

3) Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus – Patrick Clair ( Australia ): This
terrifying but well animated piece tells the story of the world’s most
dangerous computer virus (so far). (3:21)

4) Shark’s Tooth – Ferry Gouw ( England ). This is a music video for a
group that goes by the name The Archie Bronson Outfit. We love the mix of
high tech and low tech in this sci-fi journey through modern music. (3:12)

5) Robots of Brixton – Kibwe Tavares ( England ): Brixton has degenerated
into a disregarded area inhabited by London 's new robot workforce - robots
built and designed to carry out all of the tasks which humans are no longer
inclined to do. The mechanical population of Brixton has rocketed,
resulting in unplanned, cheap and quick additions to the skyline. (5:36)

6) Animation Hotline – Dustin Grella ( United States ): We have shown a lot
of our friend Dustin’s films in the past and we were not planning on
showing any more because we didn’t want to spend too much time on any
particular filmmaker. Then, Dustin told us about his Animation Hotline
project and it was just too good to pass up. Every day people call a
hotline and leave messages. Then, every day Dustin makes a chalkboard
animation of one of them. Here are a few highlights. (5:00)

7) Astronaut On The Roof – Sergi Portabella ( Germany ): A comical road
movie about two scriptwriters who write a film about two scriptwriters who
write a film about a teenage couple who become bank robbers.

8) Projection on the Bridge: Immersive Surfaces - As Above, So Below -

9) Crosses – DuckEye ( United Kingdom ): A series of mandala-like circles
pull us toward eternity. This is a music video for Zero 7. (7:00)

10)  Swing of Change - Harmony Bouchard, Andy Le Cocq, Joakim Riedinger, and
Raphael Cenzi (France): This story takes place in the New York of the
1930s: Harry, a racist barber is transformed by the arrival of a magical
trumpet. (6:35)


11) The Man Who Shot The Man Who Shot Lincoln – Drew Christie ( United
States ): An animated interpretation of the strange life of Boston Corbett,
the man who killed John Wilkes Booth. It was animated in charcoal, pastels
and crayon on the pages of 12 paperback books.

12) Streamschool - Péter Vácz ( Hungary ): A little girl has an adventure
with water as she travels from a small brook to the sea. A tale of growing
up based on a Hungarian poem. (1:52)

Featured Filmmakers:

1) Miles Kalbach – Miles won our Juried prize last year and he agreed to
share more of his quirky animations with us this year.

2) Kate VanDevender – Kate won our Audience Choice award last year and we
invited her to share more of her work this year. Last year Kate shared her
films about her attempts to break into show business. Her more recent films
follow her as she has taken a job at an advertising agency while she
maintains a standup comedy career on the side.

Live Film Soundtracks:

1) Prizmatic – Film by Mike Hovancsek. It was the result of some
experiments with optics to create a collage of organic materials. Live
musical accompaniment by Trepanning Trio. (5:00)

2) 10 Things I Learned As A New Parent – Film by Mike Hovancsek. The nice
thing about babies is you don’t have to pay them for their work. Live
musical accompaniment by Trepanning Trio. (3:00)

Images from the Event