Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“Structured Intuition: Natural and Organic”
-Paintings by Elizabeth Lax
-Ceramics by Sandy Smith

Friday, December 9, 7pm-10. Opening Reception
-Runs through December 31st

-Food, Beverages, Music!
-Music by West Woods
-Ukuele by Elizabeth Lax.
-Open Poetry 9-10pm
- at the North Water Street Gallery, 300 N. Water St., Suite H Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith has a Master of Arts degree in Art History from Kent State University.  She considers Picasso to have influenced her art work because his art is a result of breaking down shapes and re-configuring them into identifiable forms.
African art also inspires Sandy, especially Nigerian women and their style of painting called Uli.

Elizabeth Lax
Art Statement

My artwork has a thematic element of the feminine form. I have always been interested in the way the female body represents the organic element of growth and strength. Many of my pieces contain a black and white palette so that the focus is on form and shape. The figures are represented in ambiguous environments so as not to distract from the subject.
I get much of my inspiration from nature and the beauty of plants and untamed growth. I believe that the creative process should be raw and unedited. That is why I rarely go back and “fix” my pieces. Once they are rendered on paper or canvas, they are complete in my eyes. This way the subconscious mind can be be translated.
I am currently working on my Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration on Drawing and Painting at Kent State University. The experience has pushed me to branch out into other media but I always end up having a disposition towards the classic female nude.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“3 in One” Art Exhibition

-Paintings by Chuck Slonaker

Saturday, January 7, 7pm-10. Opening Reception
-Food, Beverages, Music!
-Craft Beer and Kombucha by local brewer Jennifer Herman
-Live Music by Jen Mauer and Anthony Papaleo

-North Water Street Gallery, 300 N. Water St., Suite H Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.

Chuck Slonaker
Art Statement

     “First of all, I think everyone should shelve their “I-phones”, reclaim their spiritual identity, and embark on a creative venture.  The things that make us human such as drawing, dancing, playing music etc., are essential to our collective identity.  I myself have chosen baking bread and painting.
     The last 30 or so paintings I have done have one thing in common; the heedless necessity and effect man made light plays on our sensibilities when we look at nightscapes.  My attempt is to capture what it feels like, and maybe trigger a memory in which the viewer becomes part of the narrative.
     My work is an evolution from somewhat monochrome, neon signs, to full color scenes with people which is why I separated the paintings into 3 shows.  The first show is “Tom's Garage”, followed by “The Color of Dusk”
and lastly “Mericana”.



Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

14th Annual Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art exhibition.
-24th Birthday of The North Water Street Gallery
-Featuring Vince Packard, Jessie McNally, David Jrome Bragg,  Amy Strainer, Greta Ramey, Trey Berry, Jez Ondo,  Vivian Blatnik and more!
-paintings, prints, collage,  puppets, masks, photographs
-With special guest dearly departed Balertwine

Saturday October 29, 7pm-10. Opening Reception
-Parade to Gazebo at 10pm.  Drummers welcome!
-Exhibit runs through November 26th

-North Water Street Gallery, 300 N. Water St., Suite H, Kent, OH

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.

Dia De Los Muertos Description:

Come celebrate our 14th annual Day of the Dead show. This festive Mexican Holiday honors all those who have passed before us. But let us not be somber. There will be music, food, drinks, paintings and large puppet sculptures. Like the celebration of a birthday, this holiday reconfirms annually the love, goodwill, and generosity that the beloved can count on, no matter that they are dead.

From Wikipedia…

Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in many parts of the world, typically on November 1 (All Saints' Day) and November 2 (All Souls' Day).

The Day of the Dead is also celebrated to a lesser extent in other Latin American countries; for example, it is a public holiday in Brazil, where many Brazilians celebrate it by visiting cemeteries and churches. The holiday is also observed in the Philippines. Observance of the holiday has spread to Mexican-American communities in the United States, where in some locations, the traditions are being extended. Similarly-themed celebrations also appear in some Asian and African culture.

Though the subject matter may be considered morbid from the perspective of some other cultures, celebrants typically approach the Day of the Dead joyfully, and though it occurs at the same time as Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls Day, the traditional mood is much brighter with emphasis on celebrating and honoring the lives of the deceased, and celebrating the continuation of life; the belief is not that death is the end, but rather the beginning of a new stage in life.

This year's celebration will also include work inspired by the Hindu Holiday of Diwali which occurs around the same time as Dia de Los Muertos.  This year's Diwali festival in India will run from October 30 to November 3rd.  More info about this holiday is included below.

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere (spring in southern hemisphere). It is an official holiday in Fiji, Guyana, India,Pakistan,Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago. One of the major festivals of Hinduism, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Its celebration includes millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries where it is observed. The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika in Bikram Sambat calendar. In the Gregorian calendar, Diwali night falls between mid-October and mid-November.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“Sundays @ One” Watercolor Painting Exhibition
-An Artist Collective coached by Henry Walker  (Ohio Watercolor Society)
-6th Annual Watercolor Exhibition
-Featuring Henry Walker,  Claire Culleton, Maureen Keller, Tom Auld, and Vicki Bocchicchio

Saturday, October 1, 6:00-8:00pm Opening Reception
-Exhibit runs through October 22
The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St., Suite H, Kent, OH
CONTACT: 330-673-4970

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.


Lead Painter & Coach

A traditional transparent watercolorist, Henry began painting seriously in the late 1980s when his career as a professor of English at Kent State ended abruptly following two cancer operations.  He discovered a new enthusiasm for art, specifically painting, and to quote, “If it weren't for art, I doubt I would be here.”

Walker's work is a frequent exhibitor and prize-winner in both national and local juried competitions.  In 2009, he once again had a piece accepted in the Ohio Watercolor Society show and was named a signature member.  For three years running, his paintings were accepted in the Butler Midyear Show at the Butler Museum, Youngstown.  He was a cash prize recipient in the 2010 Fairmont Art Show, the Artists of the Rubber City show in Akron and the Gates Mills Show, Gates Mills, Ohio. His work was included as part of at the inaugural Peninsula Plein Aire competition in Peninsula, Ohio.  In addition to exhibiting in juried competitions, He has had one-man shows in Akron, Aurora, Robinson Memorial Hospital, and locations in Maryland and North Carolina.

Henry holds a Master of Arts from Kent State University and studied art at the Columbus College of Art and Design, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and the Art Students League in New York City.

Sundays @ One Organizer

Claire joined the English department at Kent State University in 1990 as an Assistant Professor.  Her field of expertise is 20th century Irish and British literature and she currently teaches both graduate-level and undergraduate courses at KSU.

Culleton has experimented and casually explored painting as a hobby since 1985.  In 2008, she convinced Henry Walker to serve as a painting mentor and invited another friend to join their weekly sessions.  The group has been meeting on Sundays since that time.

Her transparent watercolor paintings feature traditional still life and landscape subjects.  The quality of her work was recognized by juries for the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Fairmont Art Shows and included in the annual exhibitions. She has also had work accepted in the Akron Society of Artists Kaleidoscope show for 2010.

Claire spent much of 2012 in Galway and in Dublin, Ireland, on an academic fellowship. While she was gone, the group met regularly at Henry's.

Apprentice painter and all-round good person

Maureen studied art and painting at Kent State University in the 1990s while following a different career path in her professional life.  During the week, she is an Occupational Therapist assistant at the Hattie Larlham Center in Mantua, Ohio.  She has worked in the field for 23 years.

 With considerable encouragement from Henry Walker, Keller rediscovered her paints and brushes in 2009, became an active member of the Sundays @ One group, and successfully ended the long hiatus from art.

Preferred subjects for her watercolor studies are landscapes and intricate still life paintings.  She works both from photographs and from life.  Though her University artwork was almost exclusively acrylics, she admits to a perverse fascination with the characteristic challenges of transparent watercolor.

Media wonk and painter

Tom joined the Sundays @ One group in 2008 in a desperate attempt to fill the vacuum that followed his retirement as an advertising executive with an in-house agency in Akron, Ohio.  Although he was introduced to painting and art during his undergraduate years at Kent State University, his profession required a focus on writing and photography.

Auld has pursued transparent watercolor painting and drawing through on-going study with various locally recognized artists: Linda Hutchinson, Sally Heston, and Jane Slivka, teaching staff at the Cuyahoga Valley Art Center.  He is currently coached by Henry Walker.

Auld has competed in local juried shows and had pieces accepted in the Kaleidoscope show in Akron, the CVAC and Peninsula's Plein Aire competition in 2009.  Most recently he had work accepted in the 2011 Fairmont Art Show in Novelty, Ohio.

Nature enthusiast, machinist and fledgling watercolorist

Scott was born in Texas and raised in Portage County and has a strong love for Kent.  A machinist by trade, he has spent the majority of the last 20 years working on bakery equipment and spent his vacation time wandering the wilderness areas of this country.  Scott is fond of carousing with various miscreants & misanthropes from KSU's English and Music departments.

Scott joined Sundays @ One after an intense year of personal loss in a rather misguided attempt to staunch his personal consumption of beer.  Having always had a strong interest in the arts, his personal influences stem from the visual & literary works of the romantic age, particularly Wallace Stevens, John Muir, and Winslow Homer.

Watercolors are new to Scott, but he has already fallen in love with the medium.  He travels extensively in the U.S. backcountry and consequently his favorite subjects are landscapes and the Southwest.


A native Clevelander, Vicki Bocchicchio moved to Kent in the mid-1980s.  She has worked at KSU for most of that time and has skirted around her interest in art—taking a few drawing classes,
volunteering at galleries, etc.—for most of that time.  Finally, in the summer of 2011 Henry Walker dared her to put up or shut up and so she joined the Sundays @ One group that fall.  Her painting focuses on still life and floral work, although she is known primarily for bringing the red wine.





Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“Haikukachu” Work by Craig Martin, Jeff Curtis, Mark Keffer
-Illustrations and Paintings

August 27-September 24, 2016
-Opening Reception Saturday. August 27. 7pm
-Music provided by The Ugly Flowers

North Water Street Gallery,
300 N. Water St., Suite H Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.








“Those Damn Dames” by Audrey Henry
-Graphic Illustrations, and Multi Media
-Audrey will have her most recent book, “Selfies” available for signing at the opening.

June 8-August 20, 2016
-Opening Reception Friday, July 8. 7pm
North Water Street Gallery,
300 N. Water St., Suite H Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.

Audrey Henry Art Statement:

Audrey Henry is a multimedia artist who has ranged from found objects and welding of metals, to oil on canvas, to tattooing on human canvas.  Frequent references to popular culture as well as the influence of masters like Alphonse Mucha can be found throughout her catalogue of work. Most recently she is exploring the vast possibilities of digital art and has recently co-published an adult coloring book with artist, Daniel DePeuter, from Ontario Canada.

Her current series of figure drawing employs the bold lines and bright colors of an elevated comic or poster. Fun, flirty, and engaging, Henry's drawings have a flair for dramatic poses, communicative expressions and minute details found in exciting patterns.








“Nostalgic Reflections” by Thom Passarelli
-Multi Media Photography

June 4-July 2, 2016
-Opening Reception Saturday, June 4, 7pm

North Water Street Gallery,
300 N. Water St., Suite H Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.

Thom Passarelli Art Statement:

“In my work the intimate print scale, manipulation of focus, and nostalgic figurine composition embrace dim and faded memories. These pale, perhaps happier times, ephemeral and elusive, may declare that with or without the incidence of lights, perhaps all things really are a temporal illusion.”







Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

16th Annual Group Environmental Art Exhibition

- Paintings, Sculpture, Multi-Media by Vince Packard, Jim Vandenboom,  FJ Kluth, Trey Berry, 3rd Graders in Kent Elementary Schools, and more!!!
-In conjunction with The 10th Annual "Who's Your Mama" Earth Day Festival
-Featuring 20 Poems from the Tree, by Kent 3rd grade students,
-Featuring Work by Jim Vandenboom

 Saturday, April 9.  7-0pm.  Opening Reception
-Exhibit runs through May 26
The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent, OH

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are always looking for sponsors to help cover expenses for our art and educational activities. Donations are tax deductible.

Checks payable to:

300 N. Water St., Suite H
Kent, OH 44240

Thank you to our  Earth Day sponsors!

     Sponsored by The Henry V. and Frances W. Christenson Foundation, The Ohio Arts Council, The City of Kent, The Kent Parks and Recreation Department, The Hometown Bank, Woodsy’s Music, City Bank Antiques, The Hall-Green Insurance Agency, Taco Tontos, Ray’s Place, Family and Community Services of Portage County,
    Franklin School of Dance, Off the Wagon,  Glanville, Hussing and Fath Optometry,  Tree City Coffee and Pastry, 91.3 The Summit Radio, Star of the West Milling Company, Portage Area Regional Transit Authority (PARTA), Kent Natural Foods Cooperative, Kent Environmental Council, Christopher J. Mallin Attorney at Law,
    Bonny's Bread, Master Gardeners of Portage County, Label Peelers Home Brew Supply, University Chiropractic and Wellness, Little City Grille and Wild Earth Outfitters

Thank you for supporting the Arts and Mama Earth!



Standing Rock Cultural Arts and Raisinhale Productions present

“Peter Hale and The Art of Living Well” Exhibit and Performances
-Acrylic/mixed media on canvas, Metals and mixed media sculptures
and Mixed media framed photography
-Peter will also be doing Stand Up Comedy the last two week-ends of February with Jerry Jaffe and Joanna Butler

-Opening Reception , February 5, 7pm
Exhibit runs through March 26, 2016

-Stand Up Comedy Performances.  $10 suggested donation.

Friday, February 19  8pm
Saturday  February 20  8pm

Friday, February 26,  8pm
Saturday, February 27, 8pm

North Water Street Gallery,
300 N. Water St., Suite H Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Sunday, 1-5pm or by appointment.


Images from the Opening


Peter Hale is a Design/Build Construction Manager, Multi-Media Artist and Comic who enjoys reality part time.  He has been involved in the Arts since his youth which was a very long time ago.  He creates new works, combining found and recovered objects and materials with a variety of new media to create personal art to fit into any style of interior décor, be it home, office, space or lifestyle.

Peter designs wall hangings and free standing or mounted sculptures of interior and exterior installation, custom, framed photography, and many other types of multi-media pieces.



Standing Rock Cultural Arts, The Tensetsu-do (Snowflake Tearoom) and Fubuki-do (Snowstorm Calligraphy Room) of Stow present:

"Asian Accents" Art Exhibition

A collection of artwork in mixed media including performance arts by our students who are deeply inspired by the art of Japanese tea and calligraphy.

Opening Reception - Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 7:00 pm
Runs through January 30th.

North Water Street Gallery, 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent


Performances in Japanese Tea (Chanoyu)

Saturday, January 9, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Sunday, January 10, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Saturday, January 16, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Sunday, January 17, 2015 at 2:00 pm

Saturday, January 23, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Sunday, January 24, 2015 at 2:00 pm


Perfomance in Incense (Kodo)

Sundays January 17 and 24 following tea cermony.


Images from the Opening



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