Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“Contained”  The Art of Emma Anderson

The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent, OH
September 16 – October 21, 2017
-Opening Reception, Saturday, September 16.  7-10pm
-Exhibit runs through October 21


    The show entitled, “Contained” starts a conversation about the manifestation of repressed emotions within our society. “Contained” is a collection of works that function as alter egos of myself. These characters are reflections of my inner feelings that I am striving to come to terms with as a result of traumatic experiences. The work in this show functions as emotional reactions, some as reactions to the deterioration of the human body. The figures come in many forms, from singular entities to clusters of faces. The work is colorful and full of energy, containing aggressive mark-making. The ultimate goal of the work in this show is simple, to evoke within the viewer an emotional response. In our society today emotions are often held inside and not spoken of. The goal of the work is to make the audience feel these negative emotions that everyone has, but never talks about. The emotions in this work can be painful, sad, and even a little awkward to address. Sometimes when you cannot say something, you should create it.

Artist Statement

      My artwork bounces between ideas of repressed emotions and the grotesque. It is driven by traumatic experiences from my past, and speaks to the archetype of the abandoned child. The work functions as a form of art therapy, where by creating alter egos, or “creatures” of myself I am able to confront and come to terms with my feelings. I am addressing Jung’s theories of Persona and Shadow, where persona is the side of myself I project into society and shadow represents the true side of myself, which I hide from society.

     I work in multiple mediums allowing myself to work out the issues in a plethora of ways. The figures are often broken and distorted, appearing to be gushing with raw emotion. I am drawn to bright, bold, and at times contrasting colors for their potency and energy. Painting has been the most successful medium for me, as it creates a one on one connection, where my hand as the artist is more apparent. Within the paint the viewer can see a physical representation of my emotions, through drip, scratches, and various marks through my hand as the artist.

      My work first and foremost is a self-healing tool for myself, but it can speak to a larger audience. I want the viewer to relate to these characters on an emotional level, perhaps coming to an understanding that emotions such as these are within us all.

      Currently my work is bringing together multiple figures. Some pieces are a reflection of my emotional state or dramatizations of features within me as a result of numerous health issues. These characters are coming together in the form of non-linear narratives. These narratives come together to evoke within the viewer a sense of emotion.

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

15th Annual Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) art exhibition.
-25th Birthday of The North Water Street Gallery!
-Featuring Vince Packard, David Jrome Bragg, Nikki Pucinni, Emma Anderson, Elizabeth Lax, Chelsea Blackerby, Joshua Bentley, Trey Berry, and more!
-paintings, prints, collage,  puppets, masks, photographs
-Special Appearance by Mariachi Santa Cecilia! ($10 suggested donation)
as part of The Around The World Music Series

Saturday October 28, 7pm-10. Opening Reception
-Parade to Gazebo.  Drummers welcome!
-Exhibit runs through November December 2nd
-North Water Street Gallery, 300 N. Water St., Suite H Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.

This year's celebration marks the 25th Anniversary of the North Water Street Gallery.  We are excited to have Mariachi Santa Cecilia perform for the occasion!  This wonderful mariachi band appears as part of The Around The World Music Series, curated by ethnomusicologist David Badagnani, with the support of The Ohio Arts Council and Terry and Sarah Miller.

Dia De Los Muertos Description:

Come celebrate our 15th annual Day of the Dead show. This festive Mexican Holiday honors all those who have passed before us. But let us not be somber. There will be music, food, drinks, paintings and large puppet sculptures. Like the celebration of a birthday, this holiday reconfirms annually the love, goodwill, and generosity that the beloved can count on, no matter that they are dead.

From Wikipedia…

Día de los Muertos is a holiday celebrated in many parts of the world, typically on November 1 (All Saints' Day) and November 2 (All Souls' Day).

The Day of the Dead is also celebrated to a lesser extent in other Latin American countries; for example, it is a public holiday in Brazil, where many Brazilians celebrate it by visiting cemeteries and churches. The holiday is also observed in the Philippines. Observance of the holiday has spread to Mexican-American communities in the United States, where in some locations, the traditions are being extended. Similarly-themed celebrations also appear in some Asian and African culture.

Though the subject matter may be considered morbid from the perspective of some other cultures, celebrants typically approach the Day of the Dead joyfully, and though it occurs at the same time as Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls Day, the traditional mood is much brighter with emphasis on celebrating and honoring the lives of the deceased, and celebrating the continuation of life; the belief is not that death is the end, but rather the beginning of a new stage in life.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

“We Are All Nature” Paintings by Greta Ramey and Haley Litzinger
- Music by Kate Westfall at the Reception

The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent, OH

Opening Reception, Saturday, July 29.  7-10pm

-Exhibit runs through September 9


We Are All Nature combines the feminine portrait oil paintings by Greta Ramey and textural collaged landscapes by Haley Litzinger

Haley Litzinger Artist Statement
I am focused on the exploration of materials and texture when creating collaged landscapes.  I intend for my pieces to absorb the viewer into the environment.

Haley Litzinger was born and raised in the historical town of Peninsula, Ohio. The entire area, as she describes it, is haunted by remnants of the industrial and agricultural revolution. This is where she believes her fascination with mysterious landscapes originated. She creates her pieces with remnants of vintage books, magazines and drawn or painted images; They are collaged and layered in aerosol paint, oil pastels, and ink, acrylic and watercolor. She received her BFA at Kent State University with a concentration in drawing and printmaking. She has held group and solo exhibitions throughout the Northeastern US.

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

Paintings and Collages of Jan Noden Art Exhibit
- Music by Eric Noden at the Reception
- All Proceeds from Art Sales will be donated to SRCA and Kent Natural Foods Co-op

-Opening Reception, Saturday, June 107-10pm
-Exhibit runs through July 22
The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent, OH

Jan Noden: Brief Biographical Statement

After Jan earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, her love of
watercolor motivated her to also pursue a Bachelor of Arts Degree in
Painting. Based on the quality of her work over several years, the Ohio
Watercolor Society and National Collage Society inducted her as a
signature member. Although she continues to explore the possibilities of
water media, new ideas have enticed her to explore collage and monotype.
Her artwork in these various media has been exhibited in local, state
and national competitions.

Jan Noden Resume

2783 Work Road, Ravenna, Ohio 44266. 330-626-1704 (

Juried Exhibitions

The View: An All Ohio Landscape Competition
23rd Annual National Collage Show
Kaleidoscope Exhibition
Butler Institute of American Art National Midyear Show
Artists of the Rubber City
Art on View: An Annual All-Ohio Juried Art Exhibition
Women Artists: A Celebration
Cuyahoga Valley Art Exhibition
19th Annual National Collage Show
Juried Exhibitions Prior to 2002
Butler Institute of American Art Area Artists Show
Pittsburgh National Aqueous Open
Ohio Watercolor Society Exhibition (Davis -Wing Award)
Pennsylvania Watercolor Society National Show
National Collage Show (work selected as cover for Fanfare Magazine)
Cuyahoga Valley Art Exhibition
Ohio Regional Exhibition
Hudson Society of Artists
National Collage Society Postcard Show

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, University of Akron
Bachelor of Science Degree in Education, Slippery Rock State College

Teaching Experience
Spring Garden Waldorf School in Copley, Ohio
Kent City Schools in Kent, Ohio
Penn Hills School District in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania
Art Organization Memberships
Ohio Watercolor Society
Cuyahoga Valley Art Center
Hudson Society of Artists
National Collage Society

This is Jan's 2nd solo show at The North Water Street Gallery. Her first was titled “Reconfigurations” in 2007.

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts and The Women's Art Recognition Movement(W.A.R.M.) present

Silent Art Auction Benefit
- Paintings, Sculpture,  Photography, Multi-Media by various artists!
- Proceeds benefit Safer Futures

Saturday, May 13,  7-10pm.  Opening Reception
The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent, OH
-Exhibit runs through May 27

    This charity exhibition opens at The North Water Street Gallery on May 13 with live entertainment, dink, and light Hors d'oeuvres.  Evening musical performances will include Great Grandpa Beebe and Catfish Bob.  The opening is free and begins 6pm.  The auction features original pieces created by artists from across the United States and representative of a variety of mediums and genres.  Patrons may bid at the gallery until the auction closes on May 27.  All proceeds will benefit the Portage County battered women's shelter.

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970.


Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

17th Annual Group Environmental Art Exhibition
- Paintings, Sculpture, Multi-Media by Vince Packard,  Chuck Slonaker,  Sara Tomiolo, Megan Shane Jim Vandenboom,  FJ Kluth, 3rd Graders in Local Elementary Schools, and more!!!
-In conjunction with The 11th Annual "Who's Your Mama" Earth Day Festival
-Featuring 20 Poems from the Tree, by Kent 3rd grade students,
-Featuring Work by Jim Vandenboom

 April 1 to May 6 , 2017
Saturday, April 1.  7-10pm.  Opening Reception
-Exhibit runs through May 6
The North Water Street Gallery. 300 N. Water St., Suite H., Kent, OH

CONTACT: 330-673-4970

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm
-or by appointment at 330-673-4970. for updates

Here's the schedule for this year's 11th Annual "Who's Your Mama?" Earth Day and Environmental Film Festival. Hope you can make it! <:>)


I. 9th Annual "Go With The Flow" Watershed Awareness Homebrew Tasting, Earth Day Festival Fundraiser. Saturday, March 18, 7-10pm 300 N. Water St., Suite H. Downtown Kent. $5-$20 suggested donation.

II. 17th Annual Environmental Art Exhibit. Saturday, April 1, 7-10pm
300 N. Water St., Suite H. Downtown Kent. (Still room for Artists to Exhibit)

III. ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL. Thursday, April 13. 6-9pm. KIVA Auditorium. Projector powered by a Solar Trailer. Kent State University Student Center. $5 General. $3 Students/Seniors

IV. 9th ANNUAL VEGAN IRON CHEF COMPETITION. Friday, April 21, 6-9pm. UCC Lower Hall, 1400 E. Main St., Kent, OH

V. MAIN STREET BLOCK PARTY. Saturday, April 22. 11am-4pm. Downtown Kent's Main Street will be closed off for Environmental Vendors, a Parade of Eco Heroes, Music, Children's Poetry, and Alternative Energy Displays. FREE! for updates


Standing Rock Cultural Arts with the cooperation of The FJ Kluth Gallery and The Robert E. Wood Legacy Committee present

“Struggle and Risk” in the Art of Robert E. Wood. Art Exhibition
-Drawings, Paintings, Prints by Robert E. Wood.  (July 20, 1943-February 4,2012)
-Work will be for sale with proceeds going into a Robert E. Wood Legacy Fund.  The purpose will be to construct a cultural art center, in Kent, that houses a Robert E. Wood Gallery in the future.

Friday, February 24, 2017. 7-10pm. Opening Reception
-Food, Beverages, Music!
-Exhibit Runs through March 25, 2017
-North Water Street Gallery & FJ Kluth Gallery. 300 N. Water St. Kent

CONTACT: 330-673-4970 or 330-677-7320

GALLERY HOURS: Thursday-Saturday, 1-5pm or by appointment.

“The advantage of being a folk hero is that you get to speak from the grave” -FJ Kluth.


The Robert E. Wood Legacy Committee is proud to present a wide array of artistic works by the late Robert E. (Bob) Wood. The Robert E. Wood Legacy Committee was formed to commemorate the uniqueness which was Robert E. Wood. Not only was Robert deeply entrenched in Kent culture, but his art and philosophies struck a chord with many of the city's residents. On the evening of February 24, 2017, we invite you to join us at 300 North Water Street, Kent to share in the "Struggle and Risk" that Robert experienced.

Come prepared to share your stories of Robert and perhaps take home a piece of his history.


More about Robert E. Wood





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