Standing Rock Cultural Arts
The Aura of Assemblage
Opening Reception 7 - 9 pm
Saturday, January 15th, 2022
Exhibit runs through
February 12th

Elizabeth Prindle Artist Statement

My assemblage art explores birth and death, rites of passage, and social issues, as well as my personal history. I primarily create in wood and metal materials I've collected from estate sales and flea markets. Old tools whose function is forgotten are a favorite starting point. Often, the components guide me as the piece evolves.

More than decorative objects, they are talismanic adornments for your environment. These mystical assemblages interact with the ambient light to cast shifting shadows insode the boxes themselves as well as projecting outward.

My hope is that you will feel mystified, pulled in, and inexplicably intrigued as you, the viewer, free-associate with these collections of objects and attach meaning or stories to them, based on your own personal unconscious. Allow them to open conversations within yourself or with others.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts
19th Annual Dia de los Muertos

(Day of the Dead) art exhibition

19th Birthday of The North Water Street Gallery!
Featuring Vince Packard, Trey Berry, Nikki Puccini,
David Jerome Bragg, Thom Passarelli,
Heidi Horvath & more!
Paintings, prints, collage, puppets, masks.

Opening Reception:
Saturday October 30th
7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Exhibit up through November 27, 2021
Covid Protocols in place.
Masks and Social Distancing required.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts
Presents "No Regrets"

(Tattoos without Commitment)
Work by Audrey Henry and Wendi Koontz

Opening Reception
Friday, October 1st, 7:00-9:00pm
at the North Water Street Gallery
300 N. Water St. Suite H in Kent

As an artist I like to explore alternate mediums and I think it's important that we take risks and explore new avenues of expression. I recently, in my career path, had the opportunity to become a tattoo artist allowing me to combine my employment with my passion.

This exhibit is important to us because it allows the viewer to be apart of and possibly take home a small part of our life choices and experiences with no regrets. Tattoos are a personal choice and in some cases a permanent one. This exhibit allows you to have the beauty and joy of a tattoo in a new way.

We hope that people find this show diverting and enjoyable, our goal is to present people with a new way to see art differently.

Audrey Henry
With pieces by Wendi Koontz

Standing Rock Cultural Arts


Explore the Reef

Paintings Inspired by the Ocean
Grace Nestor-Louie

Opening Reception
Saturday, August 27, 7-9pm


Artist Bio

  I am a self-taught oil painter that has been painting my whole life. I used to hide under the tables in preschool to draw instead of participating in nap time. At 16, I discovered oil paints in a high school art class and was immediately hooked. I have been using oil paints since. I liked how bold the colors could be and enjoyed the idea of using the same materials as the old masters.

  2020 was the start of my art adventure. In 2019 I was at a desk job and wanted desperately to pursue my art. Till that point my art was always on the back burner due to school, work or life demands. My loving husband saw my longing and encouraged me to start pursuing my dream. He wanted me to be happy even though quitting a stable job for a very unstable art pursuit was risky. He believed in me.

  I am now blessed to spend my days in my home studio painting with my cat. I sell my paintings off of my personal website, and stream myself painting live on Twitch. My art pursuit has been an adventure and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Artist Statement
  I am a fine art oil painter that uses bold, vibrant colors to illustrate the beauty of creation in my nature scenes. I want to give my viewers a glimpse of ecosystems that are not readily seen, but are an integral part of our world. I use many thin, transparent, glaze layers to build depth into the painting while simultaneously using visible strokes to add a touch of whimsy to my art. Painting creation is a way I show my appreciation for the wisdom of the creator and share his majesty with others.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts


Enigmatic Interlopers

A Celebration Among Aliens, Robots,
and the Creature Continuum

Work by Jo Westfall and Tony Contini

Opening Reception
Saturday, July 24, 7-9pm


Jo Westfall Bio

Jo Westfall is a designer of adornments,
delver of semi-conscious concepts, and explorer of seams.
See more of her work at, The Hub Art Factory in Canton, OH.

Toni Contini Bio

Tony Contini resides in Northeast Ohio and has been experimenting with photography and mixed media art for more than 12 years. Mr. Contini feels that instant film helps create a nostalgic undertone that naturally cannot be captured using digital media. Keeping with the nostalgic theme, in his mixed media work he pulls images out of American science fiction and pulp magazines from the 70s, 80s, and 90s and incorporates them into his pieces using a relief technique. Tony has a love-hate relationship with the style he has chosen due to a portion of the final piece being left up to chance and the permanence his work produces. You can find more of his work at or Tusc Arts Coop in New Philadelphia.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts
Reclaiming the Virgin Forest

Art and furniture making
by featured artist Chadd Beverlin

Virtual Opening
Saturday, June 12th, 7pm.

Meet the artist in person at the gallery.
4-6pm, June 12th.
(10 people max at a time)
Exhibit runs through July 10th

ARTIST STATEMENT: Some of the lumber I reclaim is from factories built right after the Civil War. Some of these virgin forest exist right in our inner cities but the only places that still contain them are the old factories. So industrial factories can be just as important as barns, or even more so, being that they are in city scapes where you'd never imagine a virgin forest. I want people who come to the show to get a sense that the inner city which is clad with big buildings and streets was once a beautiful virgin forest.

art show Standing Rock Cultural Arts Presents the

15th Annual "Who's Your Mama?"
Earth Day and Environmental Film Festival

Join us for three events:


II. PHOTO SHOOT OF COSTUMES. Saturday, April 24. 2-4pm. Dress up like an Animal or Eco Hero and have your picture taken by the Cuyahoga River under the Main Street Bridge in Downtown Kent.

III. ENVIRONMENTAL FILM SCREENING Saturday April 24. 7pm. Virtual Event.

Social Distance Protocols will be in place.

Visit the Who's Your Mama? page for updates.

Standing Rock Cultural Arts Presents

My Lethal Ingenue

Paintings by Madelyn Jack

Saturday, February 27, 2021
Virtual Opening at 7:00 pm

In-Person Viewing
Saturdays 1 to 5:00 pm
Or by Appointment

Madelyn says, "These feminine figures engage viewers with their direct gaze (or lack of) to inform a craving of admiration. Therefore, the lure of the seductress by their visionary charm is what my work is centralized on. Furthermore, my art does not live in the real world, meaning I have freedom to embellish and distort the compositions which house my enigmatic women. I frame the individuality of each figure with backgrounds of bold pattern which enhance the theme of my work and compliment the coloring of my figures body and clothing."

"The overall goal within my compositions is to celebrate the centrality of poisonous beauties which fascinate and bewitch all at once."

Join us Saturday evening, February 27th, for the first ever

Meet The Artist Live Stream

With artist Madelyn Jack discussing her exhibition at the
North Water Street Gallery in Downtown Kent.

"My Lethal Ingenue"

Standing Rock Cultural Arts Presents

Chuck Slonaker

Paintings and Sculpture

The Landmark Series
Paintings of local landmarks.

The Extinction Series
pays tribute to extinct and
endangered animals on Planet Earth.
through Saturday, February 20th, 2021




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